Thursday, March 02, 2006

One fat robin

Right outside my kitchen window, where I'm sitting right now, there's a very pretty hawthorn tree. And in that tree, lately, has been one fat robin.

I mean this bird is fat. He's the size of a softball. It's amazing that he can fly. He looks like one of those oversized cargo jets:

But that's not the simple thing that makes me happy today.

This blog has two regular readers: my wife and somebody in Boston who uses RCN for his or her internet access (Hi there!). And that's OK with me, because I'm writing this stuff for my own purposes.

But regular reader #1 wants to know how come I never write about her and about being married. Well, I love my wife and I love being married. I've never been happier in my life. But, and if you're married you know this, there's nothing simple about it. At great personal risk, I am going to list some of the simple things I like about being married:
  • I like knowing that there are people in the world who love me and care about me
  • I like knowing that there are people in the world whom I love and care about more than myself
  • I like not having to wash my own clothes
  • I like taking care of things, like keeping the cars safe and maintained, so that my wife doesn't have to
  • I like being able to go to work and really focus on what I'm doing, without needing to worry about who's taking care of my son
  • I like that my wife lets me have these quiet hours in the morning, and I like that on days that I go to work, she comforts my son if he wakes up early, even though I'm already up
  • I like that she lets me indulge my wants and desires without making me feel bad about them
So that's something (not) simple that I like.

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