Friday, March 10, 2006

Grinding pain, day four (1)

So it's hard to find something happy to think about on the fourth day home sick. Lemons? Lemonade? Whatever...

As jobs go, I've got a pretty good one. I'm able to sit for long enough today to actually get some work done. My boss has thoughtfully provided me with a laptop computer to use at home when I'm not able to come to work. The laptop runs a software VPN client that I can use to tunnel over my home 802.11g network to the network at the office. Once connected, I typically just log into my desktop PC using Windows Remote Desktop. Even though I'm using Comcast's cheapest 4MB service, I still get enough bandwidth to run graphics-intensive applications such as InDesign and Illustrator.

So that's a simple thing that I like: Having a job with the flexibility to work at home when I'm sick.

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