Monday, October 09, 2006

Nitto "dirt drop" stem

As discussed elsewhere, after a 25-year layoff, I've been doing some bike riding. When you're 6'9" tall setting up a bicycle (like lots of other things) isn't always straightforward. The bike frame that I'm using is the largest production frame ever made (68cm), but it's not big enough for me with normal components. Until recently, I had been using a steel steerer extender plus a Nitto technomic 100mm stem to get the handlebars high enough:

Last week, I had the bike in to Harris Cyclery in Newton to get a new Chris King headset installed, and when I picked up the bike I happened to see a 68cm Rivendell Atlantis bike that was also in for service. It had a very high stem called a Nitto dirt drop. I asked if Harris had one for sale, and they did, so now I have my bars high enough and I don't have that ugly, kludgy, heavy, steel steerer extender no more!

This makes me happy, because now I have a bike that is comfortable to ride, with decent components, and no obvious kludges:


Joe said...

Holy headtube, Batman! You look like a candidate for 36" wheels.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am sad to see that you stopped using the steel steerer extension. I just bought one, and it makes my bicycle reeeeallly comfortable. Though, the top of the stem is about three inches above the top of my saddle. Nonetheless, comfort incorporated into a strange - looking bike is better than a sleek steed that is uncomfortabel.

Anonymous said...

Have you toured on your bicycle with the steel extender installed?